Dalmore 62 year old Drew Sinclair

The regular Dalmore 62-year-old whisky released by the Highland distillery in 2002 The 12 Pointer refers to the distillery’s stag emblem, with the bottle presented in a wooden case with a certificate signed by Dalmore master distiller Richard Paterson. The 12-bottle series was a vatting of four Dalmore casks, filled in 1868, 1876, 1926 and 1939, with each bottle named after a key element in the distillery’s history.

The entire auction, which took place in London, netted a total of 26 bids. Although two bottles were presented at auction, they were sold separately and were bought for £266,200 or around 335,000 USD. This incredible price tag is due primarily because of its taste and rarity. Only 12 bottles of the Dalmore 62 were created. Each of them have been individually named, hand signed, and numbered. 

Compare to regular Dalmore 62, the Dalmore 62 year old Drew Sinclair this is only 1 of 1 bottle created by Master Distiller Richard Paterson, this expression was named after Andrew ‘Drew’ Sinclair, who was Distillery Manager for many of his 40 years at The Dalmore.

Year 2011 had Singapore Airport’s Changi retail shop the honor of selling this bottle, which is 1 of 1 bottle in the world, at a retail price of as much as £ 125,000, making this bottle the world’s most expensive bottle ever sold at an airport. This bottle was sold to an anonymous Chinese businessman. With a single bottle of this in the whole world, it makes Dalmore 62 Drew Sinclair today virtually impossible to put a price tag on with today’s price increase in the whiskey market.

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