Macallan 1950 Tales of The Macallan Lalique Decanter

Tales of The Macallan Volume I, The Laird of Easter Elchies, pays homage to Captain John Grant. A pioneer in The Macallan’s own story, he realised the potential of Easter Elchies Estate in 1700; the land that has become home to The Macallan Distillery since 1824.  

United by a dedication to craftsmanship and creativity, The Macallan collaborated with Andrew Davidson to create a collection of hand-crafted illustrations depicting John Grant’s story. 

Known for his traditional print techniques using wood engravings, Andrew has developed a series of captivating illustrations that fill the stunning almanac book which encapsulates the crystal decanter and precious spirit concealed within. Davidson’s work also features on the decanter itself, which was handcrafted by long-standing collaborators, master French crystal makers, Lalique. 

This single malt was distilled in 1950 and bottled in 2021 by lead whisky maker, Sarah Burgess:

Concealed in an 800-page almanac book, this rare malt is presented in a beautiful handmade decanter produced by long-standing collaborator, master French crystal-maker, Lalique. The book itself is made of fine leather and decorated with gold. The responsibility of printing was handed to Imprimerie du Marais of Paris who used a specially developed paper for the project. While the almanac details the story of Captain John, illustrations by English artist Andrew Davidson are also included. Davidson’s previous work has involved postage stamps for the UK’s Royal Mail, the Harry Potter book-covers, and the glass doors at Wimbledon’s Centre Tennis Court.

One of 350 decanters produced.

We at Oakrarities are very proud to have such a bottle in our collection and hope to be able to complete the complete series

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