Macallan The Red Collection

The Red Collection from The Macallan Distillery is a future-classic collection of aged single malts from The Macallan Distillery. The complete set of six whiskies is anchored by The Macallan 40 Years Old, The Macallan 50 Years Old and The Macallan 60 Years Old, which are joined by two further highly aged bottles at 71 Years Old and 74 Years Old. The 6th and final bottle in this collection has been matured for 78 Years, making it the oldest bottle released from The Macallan Distillery.

Inspired by the significance of the colour red throughout the history of the brand, The Red Collection captures The Macallan’s deep respect for tradition and craftsmanship. Distilled decades ago, in The Macallan’s signature copper stills, each expression in the collection has been matured in the distillery’s oak casks under the watchful eye of several generations of whisky makers. Over time, they developed into extraordinarily elegant aged whiskies.

The colour red has deep and long-standing significance for The Macallan, beginning with Alexander Reid, the farmer and teacher who founded The Macallan in 1824, whose surname means ‘the red one’ in Scots and was originally associated with red hair. In 1903, owner Roderick Kemp launched The Macallan Choice Old range, which was reportedly shipped in cases labelled with distinctive red print to distinguish it from The Macallan’s existing whiskies, which featured black labelling. Almost eight decades later, in 1980, red was to feature strongly in the release of The Macallan’s then oldest vintages, dated 1938, 1940 and 1950. Allan Shiach, chairman of The Macallan at that time, tied a red ribbon around the sought-after bottlings to denote their age and value.



Macallan 40 Year old Red Collection 48.1 ABV
Macallan 50 Year old Red Collection 45.1 ABV
Macallan 60 Year old Red Collection 43.4 ABV
Macallan 71 Year old Red Collection 41.6 ABV
Macallan 74 Year old Red Collection 42.6 ABV
Macallan 78 Year old Red Collection 42.2 ABV