Macallan Fine & Rare Miniature collection

The Macallan Fine & Rare collection was first introduced in 2002, selected by Bob Dalgarno, Whisky maker at The Macallan and David Cox. We continue to extend the range with superlative new vintages to maintain this collection as the finest and rarest range of single malt whiskies ever produced.

These bottlings are products of nature’s gentle process, undisturbed for decades in sherry seasoned oak casks. While the year each was bottled is specific, their longevity is open ended. Should they so wish, their guardians and their descendants could elect to keep them forever.

Together, these bottlings make up a family of remarkable individuals, spanning eight decades, the product of skilled generations of craftspeople. Left to slumber, they have achieved uncompromised excellence. While the world has never stopped spinning since the first cask, from 1926, was broached, these spirited bottles will remain constant and true, growing in esteem.

Indeed, The Macallan’s Fine & Rare vintages bridge the past and the future. They are each unique and beautiful. They distil those elements that confer greatness on The Macallan and, in doing so, on those who made them. They are, as one collection, the sensory proof that the skill, vision and passion that have long characterised one of the world’s greatest spirits remain as sacrosanct today as they have always been.

Macallan Fine & Rare Miniature Collection Is an identical collection of 700 ml instead of 57 bottles that the 700ml collection is, the miniature collection is 46 bottles. The collection consists of 50 ml bottles and is a very unique collection, some claim that it is more unique than the 700 ml collection, since many of the bottles from the miniature collection were made only for special customers and was therefore not for the market. The only time it ever went to auction was at Sotheby’s auction house, at a price of 426,000 USD.

Many claim that there are only 3-5 complete collections in the world, which makes this series the world’s rarest whisky collection in the world.

We at Oakrarities are very excited to be one of the few in the world to own this collection and we have big plans for it.

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